Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Surah From My Qur'an

You know what? I'm hotter than a burning vagina being marched across 2200 miles of hot Arabian Desert. I'm really pissed off at God right about now and I'm going to explain why as I distill down this blog; and the form that I take will be determined by the current of atmosphere that you're in. When I say I'm pissed off at God I'm not talking about a mystery God, I'm talking about US! We who are in the Nation Of Islam & The Nation Of Gods and Earths.

Pardon Self for a minute and let me tell you a few things about myself that you might not know, or may not care to know; but by the expiration of this writing you will know. I AM of The Nation Of Islam, I AM of the Nation Of Gods and Earths, I AM an Original Man, and I AM of The Righteous. Being righteous doesn't mean that you are right all the time. Being righteous means that you incline or have a natural propensity towards right.

Allow me to reveal a surah from my Qur'an so you will know that I'm not putting on an act and that I'm not trying to cause any trouble amongst the righteous. Up until the age of 16 I grew up a so-called Christian and the Law of Probability says that's because my grandmother who was a Muslim by the name of Dorsie X lost her way after the departure of T.H.E.M. and she returned not back to the essence but to the slave making teaching called Christianity.

Let's skip a few ayats and fast-forward thru this surah in my Qur'an to when I was married back unto my own self at the age of 16. In the summer of 1990 I briefly worked a summer job before my senior year in high school, and on this justice cipher born(job) is where I had my first conscious contact with The Supreme Wisdom/The Lessons/120, and with The Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabet.

On this job I met two biological brothers from NowWhy(New York). The older brother was a Muslim by the name of Ali Bequiem X, and the younger brother whose name is escaping me at this time was a 5%'er. I know some Gods don't like referring to themselves as 5%'ers nowadays but this is what the God called himself, a 5%'er; or as DaGod Emblem would say a 5 persenna.

I had a greater relationship with the older brother only because after I graduated from High School I went back and worked at the company for five years and he was still there, but by the time I went back to work there I was already in possession of my Grand Ol' Earths' Message To The Blackman, her lessons, and everything else I begged her to let me have that she had archived.

Anyway, I did eventually join the Nation Of Islam but I never put my lessons under cap or to memory until June 14th 1994, and that was heavily due to the fact that I had been building with a God by the name of AM GOD and we would build on the phone everyday with The God Kalim who at the time was at Allah School In Mecca. I was working in telecommunications so I was on the phone all day but I eventually got laid-off because my numbers dropped from being on the phone with the God the greater part of the day, and plus they suspected that I was the reason great amounts of copy paper kept coming up missing. In truth I was the reason because I was making hundreds of copies of the lessons and plus degrees that Kalim would send AM GOD and myself via fax machine.

Now anyone who knows me knows how much I loved Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad and that I had a close relationship with him. Doc knew the language of our people and he did whatever it took to bridge the gaps between all of our people, whether it was Moorish Science, Pan-Africanism, Crip & Blood or whatever. A lot of people didn't know it but he even had a 5% name that he told me he went by, it was Sincere something something Allah. DaGod Emblem told me about one time when he ran up on Khallid when he was a young hot-headed 5%'er and he questioned Khallid on the build/destory(8) degree of the 1-40, and he said Khallid ran the degree off to him so swift that it blew him away.

Getting back to why I'm so disgusted. I'm disgusted because for the past few years I've been seeing the N.O.I & the N.G.E go back and forth like some uncivilized savages on these social networks, blogtalk radio, YouTube, and in the public before the eyes and ears of the 85 & 10%. It makes me want to say WHAT THE f&%k sometimes, but since there are 24 degrees in our lessons(23 or 25 depending upon who you got your lessons from) that begin with WHAT, so we all should know what is what. Then WHAT happened?(31,1-36) It seems as though we have allowed the devil to creep in, or should I say surface because it's the devil that tries to divide us and wants us to think that we all are different.

Now I'm not saying that we all have to wave the same flag but I am saying there is only one true Holy and Great Universal Flag Of Islam. Hell, our degrees tell us that the devil has a Universal Flag Of Islam himself but he has to add a sword on the upper part of his. Yes a flag represents a state or a nation but that's only one meaning of what a flag is. Flag also means to signal, communicate, take into custody for questioning or arrest, and to attract the attention of by signalling to stop, or to hail; like when you have to flag down a taxi. The Universal Flag represents a state of mind and we were all flagged down by this teaching when we heard it and it stopped us in our tracks.

The Nation Of Islam existed before M.F.M brought The National of the N.O.I. in 1930 & before Universal Shaamgaud Allah drew up The Universal for The Father to approve of in 1967. God is no respecter of persons so I don't choose the side of nothing and nobody but THE TRUTH, if you're right you're right and if you're wrong you're wrong as far as I'm concerned. I have know problem at all calling W.F. Muhammad/W.D. Fard MASTER Fard Muhammad because he showed forth his power that he was a master, and especially since I know many Gods who call themselves Master this and Master that when they haven't in know way showed themselves to be that, but out of respect I call them what they want to be called.

Master Fard Muhammad was a Supreme Psychologist and he knew the mental condition of the so-called Negro at that time, so he said "for registered muslims only". I'm willing to bet that he knew somebody was going to be rebellious and do exactly what they were told not to do. So knowing how stingy, niggardly, and full of self-hate we were I personally think he used a little reverse psychology, banking on that somebody would eventually take the lessons to every nook & cranny. I'm not saying The Father(Clarence 13X) was rebellious all I know is that he did what was in his heart and mind to do, and what was written of him that he did. I doubt that in between 1930-1963 that The Father was the only one to take the lessons out the temple, but there is no doubt that no one was more effective than he was if anyone else did.

I love Master Fard Muhammad, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Father Allah, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Nation Of Islam, and The Nation Of Gods and Earths. Everytime I'm in New York I visit both the Mosque & the School, and it just so happened that the last time I was there in July I spent more time at the school because I was building with Allah B and some other Gods for quite some time. Gods might as well forget about not being associated with Muslims just because you say you don't submit to nothing, and Muslims might as well forget about not being associated with Gods, because we all have a common rope(lessons) that binds us together so we all should have a common cause & duty that we must perform.

Look at the knowledge born(19) degree or Q&A of the 1-40(LFML#2). "If a civilized person does not perform his duty, what must be done". Look at it carefully!!! It didn't say if a civilized person does not 'attempt' to perform his duty, it says if a civilized person does not perform his duty. In other words if we do not succeed in teaching civilization to other, we should be punished with a severe punishment, or as the following degree states we are held responsible for the the uncivilized and must be punished by the Nation Of Islam. What is the punishment? The punishment is getting more of the same state of death and nothingness that we have been getting from being mixed in and diluted by this devils civilization, which could be eradicated if we united and disallowed labels to keep us from performing or succeeding at performing OUR duty. Everytime someone is made aware of who they are, they are opened up to their gifts, talents, and powers; but when we fail at performing our duty we are punished by the mere fact that we are deprived of everything said person has to offer.

In conclusion, the Original Nation in the wilderness of North America has shown and proven that we know the science of everything in life except UNITY, and if we can't do that then that is a great argument against us being All-Wise, doing everything right and exact, and it could very well be evidence used against us to show and prove that in reality we don't know jack $&%t.

Love, Peace, and Happiness

Isaiah K. Muhammad -AKA- EYE'M Allah(Eye Master Allah)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The mind is the most powerful magnet in existence. It is a magnet no doubt but it is a magnet like no other magnet because unlike conventional magnets that only attract metals, the mind can attract all things in existence: persons, places, or things. The mind is so powerful that it can and does attract that which has not yet come into existence, some call that the future. Now 'mind you'(no pun intended) this power can operate two-fold and even more-fold because you have a conscious and sub-conscious mind, and they both are able to attract good or bad, negative and positive, or whatever you want to call it. There are other levels of the mind but I will only play with these two pieces of steel right now for the sake of being as brief as possible.

Your mind attracts whatever you are dealing with. If you are dealing with positivity, you will attract positivity. If you are dealing with negativity, you will attract negativity. If you are dealing with both, you will get a little bit of this and a little bit of that. That's why some people say "if it ain't one thing it's another". That's because they are attracting those things into their lives whether they know it or not. Those who have consciously tapped into the magnetic powers of the mind must at least, at least maintain their current level of magnetism long enough to receive the things they are attracting to themselves that have to come from a great distance(not necessarily miles) in order to reach them. What I mean by maintain your current level of magnetism is that you cannot regress in your thinking because those things that you are attracting will cease in coming to you because you will no longer have the power to draw them to you, and as a result you may end up attracting something(s) that you did not intend to attract, and that happens quite often because the mind never ceases, even when you are asleep.

When you are sleep the body is at rest and the mind is free to roam and go places and do things that it is not allowed to do when you are awake because of the burden and limitations that most of us put on the mind when we are awake due to not seeking to master the mind&body, or being to concerned with bills, relationships, stress, strains, struggles, fears and etc. Hence the saying "only in your dreams" or "in your dreams", and that's why sometimes you may experience an occurrence of deja vu and it seems as if you've been some place before that you know you haven't been before in body.

What's in the mind is real. When I was young I woke up several times with sticky underwear due to having sex in my dreams. My Lil God just turned God(7) on June 14th and I saw him at around 4 or 5 years old two years before he was born. I've dreamt many times about things that seem far-fetched like flying. All of these things are real. In order to fly you have to know and understand what it is that's keepin you down. You can visit NASA in Houston and they have created an environment right here on earth where there is no gravity. You've seen video where astronauts are inside the space shuttle and they're inside that capsule flying around. It's real but the devil wants to keep you blind to your'self'(6:1-14) because that is where that knowledge and science comes from.

Again, what's in the mind is real but what's in the mind may not necessarily be reality. Quote me on this!!! "Reality to most is what's current and if you cannot think beyond the current, you will be carried away by the current." The devil didn't allow the fact that there never was a man in all the history of Islam to come back from a physical death(13:1-40) to stop him from concocting the lie that a man did, and then turn around and convince millions or billions that it was true. How that idea arose and arrived in his mind is a great subject in and of itself but its another subject for another time. The rotation of the earth and it's inhabitants cannot produce gravity in the mind of God unless he is being other than himself.

The magnetism of the mind played a major role in creation and the magnetism of the mind plays a major role in creativity nowadays. If it's true that from one idea came all, then it is true that you cannot always wait for conditions to be perfect before you make a move. Sometimes you have to make a move in order to make conditions perfect; and if you don't feel or think that perfection exists.... create it!!! You have the power to do so. A mantra that I have adopted for myself is "the unachievable to me in non-believable because what can't be achieved by me is non-conceivable". When your motives are pure, concentrated, and in harmony with mathematical correctness, even though you may not know every minor detail of what it takes to bring about what you envision, the power of your universal mind will beckon all of the elements necessary to manifest your idea into a concrete reality. Now that doesn't mean that you won't have to make adjustments down the road but that would only be the results of you not being fully aware of what you are calling into existence. I don't know who said it first but regardless I like the statement "I just love it when a plan comes together" or falls into place. You see if I was the designer of the human anatomy I would have probably put a hole in the head so that people could put their head in the toilet and relieve themselves from all the shit in their heads...LOL!

All magnets(including the mind) have what is called a North and South Pole. I liken the North and South Pole to your higher and lower self and every region in between. One can't hear talk of a North and South Pole and not think of the planet Earth. That is because these simple truths elude to the fact that you are a planet. A planet is something grown or made from the beginning(9:1-14). That which you are composed of is eternal and infinite and that's why I sometimes call consciousness a temporary permanent; because what's prevalent to your consciousness right now will not be on your conscious 5 seconds from now, 5 minutes from now, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years from now., and since you are a consummation of every thought that you ever had, every thought you've ever had is one grain of sand and one speckle of water/wisdom that comprises the planet/magnet that you are, and is a part of the planet/magnet that you potentially can be.

The universe does not play favorites but it does cater to those who are in harmony with the truth of it. Remember that the Sun AND Moon have attracting power on our planet(8:1-40) so that should serve as an admonishment that life and death both have attracting powers to every aspect of who we are, and anything that you give force and power over you can become your God if you allow it. You may credit your parents exclusively for your birth but let me tell you that you have an innate force and power of attraction within you that played a part in causing your parents to come together when they did, I don't care what the circumstances were. Now that may sound a little self-centered and conceited, but it's not conceited to think that the world revolves around you because it does. It's only conceit when you only think of yourself without any concern for the world and its well being.

Gain control of your thinking because it is your thinking that controls the atoms, that produce the molecules, that produce the cells, that produce the tissues, that produce the organs, that produce the systems of your body. Thank goodness for the subconscious mind because if it wasn't for the subconscious mind most of us would be dead already if it was left up to us to consciously keep the homeostasis of the body.

"There's nothing more complex than the mind; and since you are in possession of one, there should be nothing that you cannot handle with ease once you've mastered it"- Yours truly

Aww man! Time is far spent., so speaking of time let me say that TIME waited a long time for you to arrive, so now that you are here make it to know that you were worth the wait.

Love, Peace and Happiness!!!